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Life Sciences

Required degree: 
Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture, Environmental sciences, Biology, Medicine, Biotechnology, Physics, Informatics, Pharmacy, Psycology, Chemistry, Food sciences and technologies, Natural sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Veterinary medicine.

Learning outcomes: 
The four active curricula are related to the following outcomes:

  • Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Food sciences and toxicology
  • Biotechnological sciences
  • Infection, immunological, dermatological sciences and public health

Details about each curriculum are available at the annual report of the PhD School or at the last PhD selection call

Job placement opportunities: 
Pharma, Food and Biotech companies, free professional activity in health field, academic and higher education institutions.

Additional information: 
The Life Science Ph.D. Programme includes an international board of highly qualified experts. The didactic activity is structured on core CV and general credits offered to all students among the three PhD courses belonging to the School “Life sciences and technologies”. Every year each PhD student presents a communication at the annual meeting “PhD Poster Day” that allows to share his/her experience with all colleagues of the School. Detailed additional information can be found at the web site.


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